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Hello and welcome to my website. If you are in Cairns and looking for a PA (Public Address) system for a band, a wedding, disco or an event...then you have come to the right place!

Hi, my name is Kris and I have spent 1000's of hours mixing live sound around the country. For a long time I have been disappointed with many of the systems and the standards of live sound being found in and around our neighborhood. I have since made it my mission to build a PA system that delivers true high fidelity sound that is capable of a high SPL and is compact. The result - The "Mongrel PA Systems"...Enjoy crystal clear speech, thundering bottom end, clear mids all without squealing feedback. The system is delivered and operated by an experienced operator, this way you can be assured of a quality mix each and every time.

Don't let your event be plagued by these common PA system problems:

  • Squealing feedback when using microphones.
  • Speech that’s hard to understand.
  • Harsh sounding highs & poor bass definition.
  • Uneven coverage - loud at the front, soft at the back or sides.
  • Highs that that part the audience hair!

Concentrate on the Music, Not the Sound Reproduction!

I've done it before..."no worries we'll use my PA tonight, I'll mix side of stage". Don't let your performance suffer by having to worry about lugging heavy PA's, connecting it all up and trying to mix side of stage; just rock up, set up and play!

Walk Up Hire

Got a small function or gig where you need a small system but not the expense? We have two small PA systems for hire starting from $70. See our walk up hire systems here.

Events and Discos

Having an event where you need to be heard? Need sound and lights for a disco? Our system can be configured for just about all events where you need to be seen and heard.

Call us now on 0432 123 996 or email us here for a consultation.